Epilepsy Information

Epilepsy is a central nervous system disorder, affecting approximately 1 in 26 people. It causes seizures, or brief losses of control, which can vary from blank stares to full body shakes. It usually takes two unprovoked seizures to receive a diagnosis of epilepsy..

The Symptoms

There are numerous symptoms of epilepsy. The symptoms are dependent upon the type of unusual action that is being experienced in the brain.

Temporal Lobe

Temporal lobe epilepsy is a form of partial seizure. The causes are meningitis and head injury. This type of seizure appears in the temporal lobe that handle memory facets and emotions.

Types of Seizures

There are many common kinds of seizures, which are experienced by people that have epilepsy. Medical professionals generally categorize seizures by two kinds that are unique.

First Aid

The first basic step to doing this is to make certain you remain calm at all times. You will be able to see potential risks than if you weren’t calm in any way more certainly, if you are composed.